Quick Ways to Get Rid of QuickBooks Status Code 3180
QuickBooks Status Code 3180 is the most common error we face in Point of Sales while updating any Sales Receipts or Credit memo. It might happen if an account of the vendor is incorrect or while using the sales tax payable account for generating payment vouchers. It may occur if any sales item is not linked with the vendor. If you are facing any of such problems ,look out for a solutions given below.

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Possible Reasons why QuickBooks Error Status Code 3180 Occurs

Out of many reasons, we have selected a few possible reasons which might cause the problem :
  • An Error may occur due to the use of the sale tax payable account to create a paid out.
  • It might happen if the sales tax payable account is incorrect.
  • The QB sales tax item is not linked with any vendor.

Solutions to Get Rid of QuickBooks POS Status Code 3180

After understanding the most common causes of an error, here are the best solutions to get rid of error 3180

Solution 1: Verify the Tax Agency listed with Sales Items

  • Commence QuickBooks Desktop
  • Move to List section to Open Items
  • Click Include Inactive and verify tax agencies listed with all sales tax items

Solution 2 : Verify the Sales tax payable Receipts

  • Open Sales History from Point of sale
  • Customize columns with help of right click while ensuring that QB status is already selected
  • Look for the Pending Receipts in case of any click Reverse Receipts
  • Create similar receipts in Non Sales tax payable account to solve the issue.

Solution 3 : Combine items in QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and look for Item under the List menu
  • Select the Include inactive
  • Rename the Point of Sale Payment items
  • Edit Items From Point of Sale
  • Modify it by adding OLD to the name
  • After Modification ,open Financial exchange from Point of sale
  • Merge Duplicate items from QuickBooks Dashboard
  • Move back to Edit Item and remove OLD

Solution 4 : Opt for Tax Priority

  • Start with QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Move to the File menu
  • Select Preferences followed by Company
  • Tap Accounts button under Financial
  • Checkmark on the Basic and Advanced tab
  • Ensure that QB Sales Tax Payable is listed in the sales tax row. If not, make an amendment and run Financial Exchange.

The Above solutions are the best possible troubleshooting methods for QuickBooks Status Code 3180. In case of further occurrence of such errors, Call our experts at (844)-932-1139.
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